Dreams in B Minor


They drove onwards through the night

Rain spattering the windshield

Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours played on constant rotation

The wipers beating rhythm to the storm


She said she’d bring the music

Without thinking he’d agreed

By the time they hit Luxembourg her trick was revealed

There was no alternative sound-track


Slowly they raked through the ashes

She said she’d forgiven him

Rain hammered on the glass and he wished it were true

Because regret is a dish best not eaten


It seemed the intervening years

Had only brought them closer

As each soul was laid bare, the layers peeled away

And he dared to dream of what might have been


But his scars were too recent

And hers, buried too deep

And slowly his dreams became the dreams of loneliness

And she wrapped hers with care and locked the box


She said she wants her freedom

Well who was he to keep her down?

Alone, he stands cursing the sky with bitter tears

And waits for the thunder to turn to rain


Listen to Fleetwood Mac “Dreams”

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